Jul 10

Be a LifeSaver!

Did you know that only 38% of Americans are organ donors?  And the gap between people in need of organ transplants and the number of available donors gets wider each day?

We certainly don’t make it easy to become a donor in the US.  You can really only register at DMV.  Only a few states allow you to register online.  There’s no national organ donor list. Barely anyone offers education on what it means to be a donor – and what it means to receive an organ.

My father and I are ready to change this.  We are ready to share our story of how an organ donor saved my father’s life 15 years ago.  By participating in his first triathlon on Sunday, July 10, 2011 my Dad wants to show you how fulfilling life post-heart transplant can be.  We want to encourage you to become an organ donor AND join our campaign to increase the organ donation rate across the US.

Sign our pledge to Become a LifeSaver.

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