What We Do

Organ Donor for Life focuses on providing awareness building activities and educational materials to help donor recipients share their stories and encourage more individuals to become organ donors.  In addition, Organ Donor 4 Life advocates for improvements in the organ donation system to make it easier for individuals to become donors.

Awareness Building Activities

  • Be a Lifesaver Campaign
  • Triathlon and Cycling Team
  • Public speaking

Educational Materials

Organ Donor for Life supports the materials produced by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  These materials can be ordered directly at OrganDonor.gov and include specials materials for the workplace, campuses, high schools and hospitals.

  • Health Passport for Life
  • Coordinate with other national organizations to provide education within driver’s education curriculum and at all state Department of Motor Vehicle branches.

Public Policy

The National Organ Transplant Act was originally passed into legislation in 1984, and was then expanded on in 2004.  This piece of legislation established the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network to ensure fair and equitable allocation of donated organs.  It provided resources for the establishment and initial operation of organ procurement organizations.  The law also strictly prohibited the selling of organs. In 2004, the Organ Donation and Recovery Improvement Act provided more services for living organ donors and grants to states and public entities.

These pivotal pieces of legislation have helped ensure that we have a safe and effectively operated organ transplantation system in the United States.  However, additional policy changes at the state and federal level could make it easier for individuals to become donors and streamline the overall process from indication of donation to actual donation.

  • Make online registry available in all states
  • Pass the First Consent Law in all states
  • Establish a National Organ Donor Registry


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